Medialogica (HUMAN - VPRO)


Leader tune and credits + promo music for the Medialogica series, for HUMAN VPRO.

Medialogica explores the difference between image and reality:

Media serves as a guide to get a grip on reality. But to what extent are they a reliable guide? How is public opinion formed? And what influence does this have on the actions of directors, journalists and citizens?

Music and sound design: Vincent Twigt

Argos Kort

Argos Kort (Argos - VPRO)


Leader tune for Argos Kort series for Argos - VPRO.

Argos is investigative journalism exploring remarkable backgrounds to the news, or things that should be news. Argos is a partnership between HUMAN and VPRO.

Music and sound design: Vincent Twigt


Instar (Dutch National Ballet / Fashion Week Amsterdam)


INSTAR, directed by Mathieu Gremillet.

"INSTAR" premiered during the Fashion Week Amsterdam 2015. A collaboration between director Mathieu Gremillet and talented designer David Laport. The video was inspired largely by insects, their environment, behavior, movement and life cycle are all areas that were explored through the medium of a dance film.

Director: Mathieu Gremillet.
Designer: David Laport.
Choreography: Juanjo Arques.
Production: Starting-Point.
Dancers: Erica Horwood & Samantha Mednick (Het Nationale Ballet)
Camera: Bas Goossens.
Coloring: Judith de Boer.
Assistant Director: James Stout.
Music mixing: Roel Slootman.


Van Het Een Kwam Het Ander (VPRO Dorst)


The music for the 5-part animation series Van Het Een Kwam Het Ander contains a per-episode variation of the main series' musical theme, inspired stylistically by both the events discussed in the animation, as well as by traditional music from the time period covered in each episode.

Series created by: Sophia Twigt, Anne van Mourik, Daphné Dupont-Nivet.
Production: VPRO Dorst.
Animation: Studio Plumeau.
Voice-over: Stijn van Vliet.
Sound design: Bashel de Vries.
Engineer: Roy van Rosendaal.

Violet Hamden

Violet Hamden (commercial)


Commercial for watch brand Violet Hamden.

Production: DAYS.
Music composition: Vincent Twigt (for The Soundromat Sound Studios)

El Salvador

'El Salvador', is there still hope for the Dutch?


El Salvador, a video by BLIK film helping the Dutch overcome the lack of qualifying for Euro 2016: the European soccer championship.

Music composition in collaboration with the great Jeroen van Vliet.
Mentioned on:,, Dumpert, RTL Nieuws,, VoelbalHumor, Omdenken. The Dutch Art of Flip-Thinking, De Coach.

Director: Jasper Scholten.
Producer: Frank van den Heuvel.
Cast: Sytse Faber, Orlando Manuel do Brito, Ingmar de Haan, Isabel Nolte, Puck.
Music and sound design: Vincent Twigt.
Music: Jeroen van Vliet.
Production: Maaike Wolfs.
D.O.P.: Christiaan Cats.
Editor: Maaike Wolfs.
Visual FX: Teejo Renaud
Art Direction: Soraya Petzoldt.
Camera-Assistent: Bas Baakman.
Colorist: Luuk de Kok.
And many others...!

Blocked, blurred and in the dark

Blocked, blurred and in the dark


"Blocked, blurred and in the dark" Blocked, blurred and in the dark is an animated documentary series about people who have a story they want to tell but can’t or don’t want to be recognised in real life images. The series are expected to continue under a different name soon. More on this later...!

Animation: Sophia Twigt.
Music and sound design: Vincent Twigt.

Blokje Om

48H Film Utrecht - Blokje Om


Blokje Om (Around The Block) was made during the 48 hour film project 2013 in Utrecht (the Netherlands) and won multiple awards both at the 48 hour film project Filmapalooza in New Orleans (including the award for Best Music!), and the screening in the Netherlands.

Director: Ad van Diem.
Production: Team Pollos.
Music: Vincent Twigt.

My work has been used by:

Eurosonic Noorderslag, Dutch National Opera & Ballet, VPRO, VPRO Dorst, Rijkswaterstaat, NTR, Molemann Mental Health, De Volkskrant, HUMAN, Argos VPRO, The 48 Hour Film Project